by Jahzel Misner March 13, 2023

The article is based on an actual patient visit. Names have been changed for patient confidentiality.


We all have that friend who seems to be aging backwards. The one with a face so smooth it looks like it was Botoxed, but that's not the case. They're doing something else: thread lifts!

I've been getting Botox for years, and I'm a fan.

I'm Julia, age 62, and I'm that friend who "never" ages. Although I've had help, I've been getting Botox for years. I know that's not something most people like to admit, but it's my truth. Botox treatment not only helps me look younger, but it also makes me feel more comfortable at work in a much younger environment.

I am thrilled with Botox, but I'm developing resistance.

I have been thrilled with the results of my botox treatments. But recently, I have noticed that my treatments are not as effective and that the wrinkles return sooner.

I know this can happen if you get too many injections or if your injector is inexperienced. Botox injections' success is highly dependent on technique, but in my case, Dr. Godley has been my aesthetic specialist for many years.

It is also important to note that some people will never develop botox resistance.

You might be experiencing botox immunity if:

  • your wrinkles are still visible after Botox injections, or
  • you feel like achieving the same results with each treatment is getting harder.

I received an email from Conquer 180 medical spa promoting the non-surgical Facelift with thread lift, and I jumped at the chance.

I had never heard of a thread face lift before, so I was intrigued by the offer. When my appointment arrived, I met with Dr. Godley and his team of anti-aging experts, who explained how it worked and what to expect during the procedure. 

They also showed me before-and-after photos of patients who have undergone this treatment in the Vancouver and Abbotsford clinic - and let me tell you, the results are pretty amazing!

Neck thread lift


under eye thread lift

A thread lift is an alternative to Botox or surgical facelifts that use fine threads to lift and reposition the skin in targeted areas. The result is tighter skin and fewer wrinkles without affecting movement abilities like Botox because muscles aren't injected. The threads dissolve over time, stimulating collagen production and producing more youthful skin.

The thread face lift was not nearly as scary as I had thought, and the treatment was over before I knew it.


I've only ever had Botox, so I was intimidated by the thought of inserting threads into my face. Dr. Godley assured me, however, that thread face lifts are non-invasive, much like Botox, and there is minimal downtime involved.


Despite my fears, the thread lift was not nearly as scary as anticipated, and Dr. Godley was done in under 45 minutes. What I saw in the mirror shocked me. Immediately, the deep creases around my eyes were gone. 


You really are the non surgical face lift wizard, I told Dr. Godley. (I saw this nickname on his social media.) He only laughed at me and said the skin would continue to smoothen as the threads dissolve.

I never thought I could look like this, and I loved it.

And it wasn't just my wrinkles. Dr. Godley had also inserted threads around my lower face to address my sagging chin and neck. I suddenly had this defined and smooth jawline that I didn't have before, not even in my youth.

Now that I've tried thread lift, am I giving up Botox? Only time will tell. Like Botox, thread lift is not permanent, and I can expect my deeper creases and lines to reappear in 18 months. Until then, Dr. Godley has told me I am welcome to see him for Botox touch-ups.

Trying to decide between Botox and Thread Lift? Having a consultation with Dr. Godley is your best option, as the doctor offers an array of anti-aging treatments such as Radiesse, Morpheus 8 and Plexr.

Here's a quick comparison of these two minimally invasive treatments:


Thread Lift

Quick procedure 

30 min

30-60 min

Minimal downtime


A few days

Not permanent

3-4 months


Boosts skin regeneration



If you want to look younger and fresher but don't want surgery, consider thread lifts or other non surgical facelifts.

I'm very happy with my results, and the whole process was much easier than I expected. If you want to look younger and fresher but don't want surgery, take advantage of Conquer 180's thread face lift consultation in Abbotsford!

Jahzel Misner
Jahzel Misner

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