by Tanya Hunt March 27, 2024

Tanya here, owner of Conquer 180 Medical Spa in Abbotsford. I have worked in the medical industry for 20 years and I am always keeping my eyes open for new technology and innovative treatments for my clients.  I actually have had my eye on this plasma technology for a number of years but there wasn’t anything certified for use in Canada. 

In 2013 and again in 2015 I damaged my left eye - the second time leaving it swollen for 6 months and requiring me to wear an eye patch. The result was over stretched skin leaving me with a very bagged out asymmetrical eyelid.  

When Dr. Godley returned from a conference with the Plexr Plus I was so excited to try it! It was new technology that was even better than the treatments I was following. Plexr is a much safer device that doesn’t continue burning the underlying tissues as some of the other devices can. (Hence why it is the only device approved in Canada!) 

There are definitely a few days of downtime and with my busy schedule I decided the best time to do it was the day after Christmas. I did video document my healing, and I was feeling good by day 4 and all swelling was gone by day 6.


On a side note I also chose to Plexr my upper lip. I am not able to use lip filler because it migrates, so I used Plexr to slightly shorten my lip to show more of my teeth and expose more of my natural lip. I’m thrilled about this result because I thought I’d run out of non surgical options. I will be doing Plexr one more time in the coming months to complete the treatment. 

It was definitely worth the few days of downtime and I had zero pain during or after the procedure.

Plexr FAQs

Want to know more about Plexr? The following are frequently asked questions answered by Dr. Mark Godley.

Can Plexr be used for eye bags?

Dr. Godley: It's important to exercise caution with Plexr for eye bags, as its powerful plasma technology can potentially alter the eye's shape. For under-eye concerns, I still prefer thread lifting.

What else can Plexr do?

Dr. Godley: Plexr is incredibly versatile. We often use it for quick 15-minute sessions to remove warts, moles, and skin tags. It's also effective for tattoo removal. Unlike traditional methods, Plexr doesn't involve cutting, leading to faster healing and minimal scarring.

What about xanthelasma?

Dr. Godley: Removing xanthelasma, those fatty yellow deposits around the eyes, has historically been challenging. Most aestheticians hesitate due to the delicate area. Previously, only a plastic surgeon could handle it. But with Plexr's precision, even near the eyelashes is safe. Xanthelasma removal has become much simpler.

Plexr at a glance

  • Treatment time: 10-40 minutes
  • Full recovery: 14-28 days, it can be longer, particularly for people with darker skin
  • Back to work: 0-3 days
  • Duration: Permanent, until natural aging resumes


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Tanya Hunt
Tanya Hunt

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