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Dr Mark Godley

Dr. Mark Godley is a qualified physician and anesthesiologist with over 25 years of experience in the field of medicine. He has founded multiple virtual health clinics, virtual health software solutions, surgical and urgent care centers and diagnostic facilities across Canada. The surgical and urgent care centers were sold in 2012 to a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in a transaction exceeding $25 million dollars. He has also successfully negotiated multiple multi-million dollar contracts with various health authorities across Canada for specialty day care surgical procedures.

He is a past elected board member of The Doctors of BC, a publicly known champion of patients’ rights, a pioneer in the delivery of medical services and a telemedicine expert. He has consulted, developed and implemented public policies in support of improved health outcomes for both the public and private health sector. He is extremely passionate in his belief that patients must be the focus of the healthcare system and that patients deserve ease of access and choice in their healthcare services. He believes the patient should be at the top of the pyramid of importance.  His primary objective is to ensure that the delivery of medical care whether it’s virtual or face to face, is conducted in the safest manner, in line with institutional goals, within healthcare regulations, centered on patient outcomes and increased access to healthcare for all.

Dr. Godley is also an American board certified stem cell and fat transfer physician, performing adipose assisted regenerative cell transfer for chronic arthritic joint pain, and various aesthetic procedures such as facial rejuvenation, p-shot, pyronnes disease and lichen sclerosis.



  • Founder | CEO | Virtual Health Software | ca | Vancouver
  • Founder / Medical Director | Coast Medical Telemedicine Clinic | Vancouver, Seymour St
  • Founder / Medical Director | Coast Medical Telemedicine Clinic | Whistler
  • Founder / Medical Director | Coast Medical Telemedicine Clinic | Vancouver, Manitoba St
  • Founder / Medical Director | False Creek Healthcare Centre | Vancouver
  • Anesthesiologist | Vancouver Coastal Health Authority | Vancouver
  • Anesthesiologist | Winnipeg Maples Surgical Center | Winnipeg
  • Fellow | Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons | Canada


  • Queens College | Top 10 academic scholars | Queenstown, South Africa
  • University of Cape Town | Medical Degree MB ChB | South Africa
  • Groote Schuur Hospital | House Officer / Residency | Cape Town, South Africa
  • National Health System | Senior House Officer, Urology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Rheumatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology | United Kingdom
  • University of Alberta | research and Residency Training Anesthesiology | An automated Multichannel Thermocouple Temperature Recording System | Canadian Anesthetists Society | Halifax
  • University of British Columbia | Residency Training Anesthesiology | Vancouver
  • Publication | Canadian Journal of Anesthesia: March, 1996. Case Report: Use of LMA for awake intubation for Caesarean section.
  • Children’s Hospital | Fellowship training: Pediatric Anesthesia | Vancouver
  • Research | Computerization of the anesthesia record | Vancouver
  • ACLS, Difficult Airway Course 2012, 2013
  • Certified P-Shot


  • Deep domain experience in Canadian Health System
  • Developed one of the first private partnerships for the delivery of care to the Workers Compensation Board - expedited surgeries in the province of British Columbia.
  • Ambulatory Anesthesia in the Private setting - Canadian Anesthesiology Society annual meeting, 2004, 2006.
  • Accreditation experience with Nisga’a Valley Health, False Creek Surgical Center, Maple Surgical Center
  • Presentation to the Kirby Commission, Standing Committee on Social Affairs, 2001
  • Established a Public - Private Partnership for delivery of healthcare services Winnipeg, Manitoba, servicing 1800 surgeries per year.
  • Frontier Centre for Public Policy presentation 2006, Winnipeg.
  • Created the 1st Private Gastric Band Program in British Columbia. Advisor to the Non Hospital Surgical Facilities Committee of the College on Bariatric Surgery, 2009.
  • Relief Work: Guatemala Surgical Team Member 1996.
  • Operation Rainbow 2009 Indonesia. Cleft Palate surgeries
  • Presenter Gathering Wisdom Seven ( First Nations Health Authority ) 2015

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