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In the Conquer 180 consultation room, the patient sits across from Dr. Godley, a skilled aesthetic doctor. With a mix of excitement and nervousness, the patient opens a digital album on their phone, displaying a collection of pictures. It's a Pinterest board featuring the full, glamorous lips of famous personalities like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Angelina Jolie. The patient's gaze shifts from her phone to Dr. Godley, "Can the Keyhole lip filler technique give me lips like Angelina Jolie?"

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetic enhancements, lip fillers have witnessed an explosive surge in popularity, growing by nearly 60% in the past decade. Aside from this remarkable growth, many lip trends and techniques have emerged, gaining or losing popularity depending on which celebrity or influencer's look is trending. In this article, we'll look at some viral lip filler techniques, from subtle transformations to more daring or controversial approaches!


Russian Lip Filler, the Doll Technique

One such trend is the Russian lip filler, inspired by the beautifully shaped lips of Russian nesting dolls. This technique focuses on enhancing the vertical height of the lips and accentuating the cupid's bow, resulting in a truly doll-like appearance. While traditional lip fillers aim for overall plumpness, the Russian lip technique takes a different approach. Skilled practitioners employ smaller syringes and strategically inject filler vertically, precisely targeting the heart of the lips. The result? A captivating heart-shaped effect that's both gorgeous and Instagram-ready!


Cherry Lips, the Lip Filler Trend from Korea

Another notable trend popularized by K-pop stars is the cherry lips trend from Korea. Instead of creating an all-over plumping effect with conventional filler techniques, this procedure only fills the middle portion of your lips. Imagine two cherries at the center of your top lip and two at the bottom. In addition to the cherry-like shape, this technique provides a subtle lifting effect that creates a gentle smile at the corners of the mouth.


Cherry Lips as popularized by K-pop stars like Chung Ha.


Lip Taping, the Mouth Taping Controversy

If you've been scrolling through your social media feed, chances are you've come across the popular trend known as "Lip Taping." This viral sensation has swept through platforms like TikTok and Instagram, captivating users worldwide. Essentially, Lip Taping involves using sterilized tape to accentuate the shape and definition of the lips, particularly after receiving lip injections. The tape is carefully applied to the lips and left in place for a few hours to 24 hours. 

So what's the tape for? Besides defining the lips, the tape is supposed to prevent the lip filler from migrating and help it settle. Whether or not this is true is still up for debate.

Note: Lip taping is unavailable at our Abbotsford medical spa due to the uncertainty surrounding it.


Keyhole Pout, The Iconic Lip Filler Technique

On the subject of unique lip injection techniques, the keyhole pout lip filler technique gained popularity through videos showcasing patients holding a string at the center of their lips while a skilled injector filled the surrounding areas. This approach strategically places filler to create a subtle gap between the upper and lower lip, resulting in the appearance of an actual keyhole and an iconic Angeline Jolie-like look. 

@beautybydrkay Watch these lips transform to 🌟Angelina jolie's Cleavege 💉💋#angelinajolie #keyholepout #lipfillercheck ♬ original sound - anna ❤︎


Lip Flip, A Subtle Lip Enhancement

Moving away from lip fillers but still worth mentioning, the lip flip procedure involves the injection of Botox into the corners of the mouth and edges of the lips. By relaxing the muscles surrounding the upper lip, the Botox causes a slight "flip" upward, creating the illusion of larger lips. While lip flips do not provide the same volume-adding effect as dermal fillers, they offer a subtle glimpse into what fuller lips can feel like.


The Non-Surgical Face Lift

With the Pinterest board as a visual guide, Dr. Godley and the patient discuss methods for achieving a similar result to the Keyhole lip filler. In this exchange between patient and doctor, the goal is not simply to replicate a celebrity's lips but to create a customized enhancement that accentuates the patient's unique features. Dr. Godley's expertise and artistic sensibilities come into play as he adapts the technique to achieve the desired outcome.


Lip filler Abbotsford


Lip trends come and go, but a youthful appearance is always in style. At Conquer 180, our specialty is the Non-Surgical Face Lift. We treat the face as a whole, prioritizing facial reshaping and rejuvenation, as well as lip enhancement.


Would you like to know more about lip fillers and facial rejuvenation? Get in touch with us today. Our aesthetic specialists can help you reach your aesthetic goals at our medical spas in Abbotsford and Vancouver

Jahzel Misner
Jahzel Misner

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