Non-surgical Face Lift

Even though you cannot stay young forever, you can look and feel your best with restorative treatments that reduce the signs of aging. Godley Clinic is your number-one spot for anti-aging treatments in Vancouver and Abbotsford.

Non-surgical facelifts provide patients with natural-looking facial enhancements, smoothing out deep wrinkles and restoring volume.

Our services include thread lifts, Radiesse, Plexr, Morpheus 8, PRP, and dermal fillers. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to find out what Dr. Godley can do for you!

There are several non-surgical options for a face lift:

  • Thread Lift: Patients can achieve similar results to a facelift without undergoing surgery with PDO thread lifts. This treatment produces long-lasting lifting results without significant downtime. 
  • Radiesse: The Radiesse product can be used as both a dermal filler and a skin stimulant that reverses aging. The effects of this treatment will last for years as your skin plumps up, wrinkles smooth, and tightens.
  • Plexr: PLEXR utilizes plasma. This treatment involves touching the skin with gas molecules, which causes the skin fibres to contract. With these touches, your doctor can precisely lift specific facial areas and restore their shape.
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